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Production of 100% recyclable materials:

ZIRAFA™ 35 Mini

Toilet paper super Zirafa 35 Mini, 1 coat, gray, pack of 12 (48) pieces.

ZIRAFA™ 65 Red

Toilet paper super Zirafa 65 red, 1 coat, gray, pack of 12 (48) pieces.

ZIRAFA™ 100 Green

Toilet paper super Zirafa 100 Green, 1 coat, gray, pack of 12 (48) pieces.

ZIRAFA™ Original

Toilet paper highest quality, 65 meters, 1 layer of gray, pack of 12 (48) pieces.

ZIRAFA™ 165 Jumbo

Toilet paper super Zirafa the Jumbo 165 yellow, 1 coat, gray, pack of 8 (32) pieces.

Народ и Я

Toilet paper economy class "People and I", 1 layer of gray, without sleeves, in multiples of 12 (48) pieces.

Production of 100% cellulose:


Toilet paper is a premium of 100% cellulose, layer 2, 4 rolls to 18 meters in color brand n \ e package.

ZIRAFA™ Home Care

Handkerchiefs Zirafa Home Care in handy color packaging. 100% cellulose, 2 soft layer, 10 pieces, the size of 200x200.


Towels rolled premium of 100% cellulose, 2 bed, 2 rolls of 14 meters in color brand n \ e package.

ZIRAFA™ Standart

Towels made of paper in a pack size of 24x24 sheet, V-Addition, with continuous stamping, layer 1, 250 sheets.

ZIRAFA™ Classic 50

Napkins made from 100% cellulose in a transparent original packaging, layer 1, size 240x240 sheet, continuous embossed, 50 pieces.

ZIRAFA™ Classic

Napkins made from 100% cellulose in the color of the original carton, 2 layers, sheet size 200x200, Z-addition, 100 pieces.

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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ecology</span><br>
Use environmentally friendly materials for the production of
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Product quality through the introduction of innovative technologies
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Gallery products of 100% recyclable materials:
Gallery products of 100% cellulose: